Static Helm chart repo on Github pages

If you ever want to host a Helm chart Repo for Kubernetes apps you’re not forced to use Monocular or Chartmuseum. You can just use Github pages to serve your charts. Create chart package via helm package chartname Create index via: helm repo index --merge index.yaml --url . Move everything to your Github packe in a “charts” directoy: mv index.yaml *.tgz /your/github/page/repo/charts Add your Helm repo to helm: helm repo add monotek https://monotek. [Read More]

Git repo contributor statistics

In bash:

    for CONTRIBUTOR in $(git log --format='%ae' | sort -u); do
      echo "${CONTRIBUTOR}";git log --shortstat --author="${CONTRIBUTOR}" | \
        grep -E "fil(e|es) changed" | \
        awk '{files+=$1; inserted+=$4; deleted+=$6} END {print "files changed: ", files, "lines inserted: ", inserted, "lines deleted: ", deleted }'

GlusterFS support for Libvirt, Qemu, Samba & TGT in Ubuntu

Update: As i don’t use GlusterFS at the moment my repo is outdated. Maybe you can use my old buildscripts to create your own DEB packages Unfortunately GlusterFS is in the Ubuntu universe repository. Therefore Libvirt, Qemu, Samba, TGT and other packages from main repository are build without GlusterFS LibGfApi support. For this reason i’ve created some PPAs on Launchpad which contain these packages with GlusterFS support. [Read More]

Mailreports from Kibana pages via PhantomJS

A lot of people ask for mail reports in but this feature does not exist. At least not in the oss version. As i also had these requirement for an OTRS installation and don’t wanted to use expensive software like Skedler, i decided to create an own solution. It depends on PhantomJS, which can be found on PhantomJS is a headless WebKit browser scriptable with a JavaScript API. [Read More]