Static Helm chart repo on Github pages

If you ever want to host a Helm chart Repo for Kubernetes apps you’re not forced to use Monocular or Chartmuseum. You can just use Github pages to serve your charts.

  • Create chart package via
helm package chartname
  • Create index via:
helm repo index --merge index.yaml --url .
  • Move everything to your Github packe in a “charts” directoy:
mv index.yaml *.tgz /your/github/page/repo/charts
  • Add your Helm repo to helm:
helm repo add monotek
  • If you want to have your repo files browsable, go to the charts directory and enter:
perl -e 'print "<html><body><ul>"; while(<>) { chop $_; print "<li><a href=\"./$_\">$_</a></li>";} print "</ul></body></html>"' > index.html